Must See Locations Along Oregon Coast Highway 101

Along the Oregon Coast, south of Yachats, is one of our favorite attractions called Thor’s Well.  Thor’s Well is a must see location that attracts hundreds of photographers and tourists every year.  Not only does this unique attraction attract hundreds of photographers due to it’s beautiful landscape, another must  see called the Spouting Horn is located just a few feet away.

The best time to arrive is during the incoming tide.  As high-tide starts to reach it’s peak, you will see one of the Pacific Ocean’s most amazing shows!  Giant waves crash violently against the rocky coast creating photographic magic for photographers from all over the world to capture!

Thor’s Well

Thor’s well is located just south of Cook’s Chasm in the Cape Perpetua scenic area near Yachats.

Directly off the highway is a great viewpoint just above the stairway leading to the Thor’s Well.  We suggest taking a walk down the stairs onto the rocky coastline.  Once you reach the bottom,  these breathtaking views will make every moment spent exploring along Highway 101 worth your time!



The Spouting Horn

The first time we visited The Spouting Horn, we were surprised to learn that it’s actually an ocean geyser created by the incoming waves as they force their way into a deep hole in the rocky coastline.  As the incoming waves build pressure, water explodes in a geyser-like fountain that mimics a whale shooting water from its spout.


Catching the Setting Sun

We have taken this drive several times over the years.  Stopping along Cape Perpetua’s Scenic Area every chance we can, especially when the sun is about to set!  There is not a view along this stretch of Highway 101 that we don’t enjoy.

Nothing represents the Pacific Northwest like sunsets behind giant crashing waves as they force themselves against the rocky coastline creating a picturesque backdrop.  Our eyes truly can’t get enough of these west coast sunsets and the theatrics that we often see from the Pacific Ocean!

Thank You!

If you haven’t taken a drive along Oregon’s Coastal Highway, its definitely a “must-do” and we highly recommend stopping along the way to soak in the views and unforgettable sunsets! And If you’ve done this drive, what was your favorite must-see location? We’d love to know and check it out ourselves if we haven’t been to it yet! Please comment below.

We appreciate and thank you all for following us on our journey as we travel and discover new destinations!


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