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Brett DuPont

Live more on PURPOSE!

I help individuals create a life of balance, growth, and purpose!

Brett Dupont

Love To Latitude Coach Brett

I’m a father, husband, and passionate traveler. I aspire every day to live more on PURPOSE.

Over the past 16 years, I’ve had the opportunity to lead several high-performance teams in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

My purpose as a leader, mentor, and coach is to create an environment that promotes self-motivation, personal accountability, and constant goal setting.

We all want the same thing – to wake up excited and go to sleep knowing we’re living a fulfilling life and can handle whatever challenges get thrown our way.

If you’re highly motivated with a desire for taking action, and you would like to explore getting powerful coaching from me .  .  .

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Accountability Coaching: 12 Sessions
Transform: 10 Weeks of Private Coaching
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Client Testimonials

Love To Latitude Coach Testimonial Talon Smith
Talon Smith
Pipeline Integrity Data Analyst - API 570/510

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brett for about 15 years. His refreshing perspective in all aspects of life promoted positive leadership, professional growth, and friendship with a feeling of family for our team all while spending the majority of our lives in one of the harshest environments on the planet.

In our time working together, I found that Brett has an extraordinary ability of unearthing potential and capabilities in individuals that they themselves weren’t sure existed. Some may think this would be a painful exercise, but it really isn’t, I can recall times where a few of us were laughing so hard our sides hurt. The lessons have stayed and typically apply to both personal and professional life.

Brett is a great leader and mentor. This is showcased in part by his dedication, loyalty, respect, and active listening to those that he encounters. I feel that this is also proven by his close colleagues and subordinates; they are striving for success, doing it better than the last time with eyes on the horizon while also managing that strong positive life/work balance that he diligently expresses.

Brett is doing it right, and by his example, he has and will continue to positively impact the individuals and organizations he connects with.”

Love To Latitude Coach Testimonial John Luick
John Luick
Mistras Group, Inc
Project Manager - West Coast Division

“Brett and I arrived in Prudhoe Bay within 6 months of one another. We were both there due to extenuating personal circumstances that really pushed us in this direction. It wasn’t something either of us really wanted as much as something we needed to do. We both needed to do this to get back on our feet and well, I don’t think either one of us understood how well it would work out.

In life, we have choices every day that involve the want vs need question. Do we want it, or do we need it? What do we need to do to get what we want? In my years of working with Brett, he has often demonstrated that he is willing to do whatever he needs to achieve goals. From his self-sacrifice of being away from his family for career purposes to achieving personal fitness goals, Brett consistently does what he needs to attain his goals.

Brett has consistently been a mentor to me. He has helped guide me in processes in the field on up to our managerial responsibilities. He has shown humility in approaching me for guidance along the way as well.

Brett is someone who can point people in the right direction, prioritize aspects of life and map out a process to attain goals.

Love To Latitude Coach Testimonial Ivan Aldana
Ivan Aldana
Inspection Coordinator API 570

“I had the pleasure of working with Brett for a couple of years on a large project in the Arctic of my home state of Alaska. Having worked for many years. in the industry for multiple companies, and a wide rand of leaders, Brett was a breath of fresh air!

He created an environment that promoted self-motivation, personal accountability, and constant goal setting. His perspective on what success was, was not limited to the final product of meeting milestones and metrics. It captured the growth of our team, as well as the individual growth of the members of his team.

His constant encouragement to learn, grow, and then teach without handcuffs was truly inspiring!

Creating leaders where others may have overlooked is a special talent. Brett can bring those individuals into sight, not just to his peers but to the individuals themselves. I’m very appreciative of the time and effort I received from Brett.”

Love To Latitude Coach Testimonial Randy Sulte
Randy Sulte
CCI Industrial Services & Kakivik Asset Management LLC
COO / Vice President of Operations

“I have known Brett DuPont for over 10 years and endorse his natural and inspirational coaching and leadership style. Over this time, he has been required to change companies and roles numerous times and in each and every case he has risen from the ranks to assume leadership positions. He is both a formal leader by position authority and an informal leader by people authority, i.e. he is a leader that employees will choose to follow.

We often forget the goal of coaching and mentoring is to develop our employees and change habits. Brett has a style that clearly understands the end goal and is versatile to adapt to the employee’s social style and needs to guide them to realize the end result and the steps necessary to get there. He has a natural approachability and reflective questioning style that causes the mentee to look inward to understand what they want, need, and how best to achieve it.

To be a strong mentor and coach you must also exhibit and model those traits for others. The best thing a leader can do is walk the talk and Brett unwaveringly does so. His integrity has been tested and I can endorse that it is beyond reproach. We often are either ask or tell assertive in our feedback and coaching. The mentee will have difficulty understanding the goal without specific examples of what good looks like. Brett demonstrates these traits and can effectively explain when he cannot demonstrate. It is for these reasons that his “ask assertive” coaching style is successful.

I endorse Brett as a leader, coach, and mentor based on what he has demonstrated and his tangible performance in the many years I have known him.”

Love To Latitude Coach Testimonial Drake Glasen
Drake Glasen
Northern Solutions LLC
Production Optimization Coordinator

“I worked with Brett for many years. His strong leadership helped guide our team successfully through many challenges. Brett has been a great coach and mentor to myself and many others.”

IMG 3476
Jacob Weidenfeller

For years I’ve worked alongside Brett and am fortunate enough to have had his direct guidance over two excellent years and teams. What first impressed me about Brett Dupont is the picture of collected outward calmness a rare trait within our high-intensity industry.

Brett later provided insight into his practiced ability to keep the perceived cool and allow the fire to rage inside. Brett’s calm and cool demeanor eludes to his competent and capable leadership style. This seasoned style brings out the best in his teams and fosters a safe space for collaboration and personal development.

Brett brings a high level of educated understanding to people. This psychological approach caters to each individual and the value they bring within the organization. Brett’s understanding of human nature heightens his ability to motivate and grow his teams.

The safe culture Brett leads by sets high expectations but couples with seasoned mentorship who cares for you and your personal success. I have the utmost respect and admire Brett as a leader, mentor, and as a person.

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