Are Travel Agents Still Worth It? Yes!


Why you should use a travel agent. When the subject of travel agents comes up, there’s an inevitable follow-up: Are they worth it? We say, “Yes!” 

There are so many variables involved with travel: How to score great deals, find the perfect destination, upgrade amenities, and prepare for any unforeseeable issues. Who wouldn’t want someone in their corner through it all? 

For too many people, the words ‘travel agent’ go back to a time before the internet, a time when you needed to rely on someone else to find the best deals and to book your vacations for you.

‘Who needs that now, with flight and hotel savings right there on the web?’ you may be thinking. ‘I can do everything an agent can, and I don’t have to pay a dime.’

The truth of the matter is that travel agent are just as important now as they’ve ever been. We’re obviously huge proponents of using travel agents, and not just because we educate the best and most knowledgeable travel agents in the world. Let’s go through three ways travel agents are worth it.

1. You don’t pay them.

How much does a travel agent cost? That’s a little tough to answer. When you work with an advisor, you don’t actually pay them (really!). They get a commission through their sales and work to find the right deal for you so you return to them each time you travel.

You won’t overpay

It’s a little-known fact that travel agents actually earn their money from commissions paid by the vendor or supplier you book with. That means booking through a travel agent comes at no extra cost to you, but you will be helping someone make money for being a great resource for you.

If anything, you’ll pay less than if you were booking on your own. Travel agents have the inside scoop and spend a lot of time and energy cultivating industry relationships, so they’re always finding the best deals possible. They also work to understand your budget, providing a necessary human touch that booking engines can’t.

2. They advise you.

They’re so much more than ‘agents.’ The industry term is actually “travel advisor,” because they advise you every step of the way. That means a few different things. You might go to an advisor with a specific dream vacation in mind, or perhaps just an idea—and the advisor finds the perfect option. Advisors may also change your mind about a particular destination, and recommend something you weren’t even aware of. It’s meant to be a conversational, friendly process.

3. They’re resources before and after you book travel.

Have you ever tried to get someone on the phone when your flight’s been canceled out of the blue? Do you have lingering questions about your itinerary when you arrive at your destination? Your advisors are there for you. They’re resources at every stage of your trip, and ready to answer the call whenever you hit the road, or skies, again.

If you’re skeptical of the importance of travel agents, hear us out. They save you money, time, and energy. Curious about how?

Here are a number of ways travel agents will save you money:

They can get you extra perks.

Since they do this all the time, travel agents know a thing or two about scoring VIP experiences or extra perks, at no additional charge. If you thought an upgrade was out of your price range, ask your agent and be pleasantly surprised.

They’ll save you time (and eliminate frustration).

This kind of savings might not be monetary, but minimizing the amount of time it takes to book a vacation is one of the top reasons why enlisting the expertise of a travel agent rules so much.

There’s no need to waste hours trying to figure out accommodations and itineraries. Your travel agent has got it all covered, and probably with a deal, too.

They’ll avoid common mistakes.

Since you’re likely not planning trips every day, it can be easy to make mistakes, and mistakes can cost you money.

What if you book the wrong group excursion or you accidentally reserve your hotel for the wrong dates? A travel agent won’t have this issue, and their knowledge will likely save you money.

They can find packages and group rates.

Travel agents will be able to save you even more money by bundling flights, hotels, and other aspects of your trip. Traveling with a large group? They’ll get you even more savings, while also ensuring you’re all on the same flights—and sitting together, too!


With all those savings that come along with using a travel agent, imagine all the extraordinary places you’ll go!

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