Things to do in Pacific Harbour, Fiji

Bula, Fiji!

Before travel came to a halt, we planned our second visit to Fiji at the beginning of March 2020, but this time on the main island of Viti Levu. There’s plenty of options for things to do, & Pacific Harbour, the adventure capital of Fiji, is why we chose this location.

Clear blue water, sandy beaches, & swaying palm trees, first comes to mind when we think of tropical paradise, Fiji. After our first visit and stay at Paradise Cove  in 2017, Fiji left a lasting impression in our hearts and changed our perception of this stunning place on earth. It embraces you with a genuine welcome, captivates a true meaning of kindness, and has a loving culture to remind us of how simple life should be.

Fiji surely has more to offer outside the comfort of your stay in resorts. There are many things to do & once in a lifetime experiences; you’ll never forget.

Where is Fiji?




British Airways, Fiji Airways, & Qantas are the leading airlines that services Fiji from the United States.

Directly from Los Angeles (LAX) to Nadi International Airport (NAN),  it’s approximately a 10 hour and 45 minutes flight via Fiji Airways. Nadi (pronounced nahn-di) is the main airport on the largest island of Fiji, Viti Levu.

If you’re staying at The Pearl Resort, the driver will make a much-needed rest stop at Baravi Handicrafts to and from the airport. They have a wide selection of souvenirs, locally carved crafts, & delicious coffee.

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Fiji Baravi Souvenir Shop

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From Nadi Airport (NAN) to The Pearl Resort:  2-1/2 hours

The Pearl Resort

The Pearl is 2-1/2 hours from the airport & such a beautiful drive after a full day of travel.

The resort has two sections – the old and the new wing. The resort overlooks Beqa Island & the beautiful blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean that we truly enjoyed during our stay.

The Pearl has five restaurants, including a swim-up bar that serves wood-fired pizza if you’re up for a simple meal.

We suggest staying on the ocean view side of the resort as the sunrises are breathtaking to wake up too.   A refreshing start of our day was sitting out on the balcony, having coffee, & watching the sunrise.  Now that’s paradise!!!

Things to Do in Fiji

There is something for everyone when visiting Fiji. When we, unfortunately, canceled our white river rafting and ziplining trip, we quickly found other things to do. Right before our travel day, my (LJ) back decided to go out and got worse our first day in Fiji. I could barely walk and so bummed we canceled our scheduled trips, but whatever we would do, we knew it would be priceless. We were in Fiji!

Traditional Fijian Healer

Moses, at the activities booth, recommended that I see, John, a traditional healer outside of the resort. The “not so sure look” Brett and I gave each other was evident, and then reassured by another staff, “Mama,” that this is who they send visitors to for reasons such as mine.  The latter, John, has healed major injuries naturally and took my pain away. Without even saying other problem areas I had (shoulder, wrist, elbows), he adjusted them all.  I was quickly impressed as the traditional healing was so different from western chiropractic ways—no excessive cracking nor pulling.


The Pearl Resort to Colo-I Suva Forest Park: 58 minutes

Make sure to bring: Change of clothes, sunscreen, insect repellant & FJD 5 for entry

Experience nature firsthand and take a trip to Colo-i-Suva (pronounced tholo-ee-soo-va), Forest National Prk. There are two natural pools; the upper pool close to Waisila Falls and lower where we went. Because of my back, Moses recommended that we just do lower pool as its quite a hike starting from the top.

We signed up for a “Waterfall Tour” but ended up just me, Brett, and our friendly driver, Nitesh. Typically, it is jam-packed with either locals or tourists, and luckily, we had this all to ourselves along with two local boys. It was the best time of private paradise, rope swinging, & swimming in the middle of Fiji’s tropical rain forest.

We highly recommend this place even if just to walk down and enjoy a peaceful picnic.  Nothing says paradise like being in the middle of the lush rainforest with the sound of fresh water streaming down the mountainside.

For the first 30-40 minutes, we had the waterfall all to ourselves & had the best time jumping into a natural pool & swimming with only our own voices and the sound of birds keeping us company.

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Yes! Another excursion with no one else but us at Kombo Island with Liam, Robert, and Tuks!  Our captain and guides had a great sense of humor & made sure our time spent in Fiji was the best.  After all, one cannot fly across the pacific ocean without experiencing the reefs in Fiji!

This reef was the biggest we have ever snorkeled during our trips to tropical islands.  It felt never-ending with schools of colorful tropical fish swimming around us.

We swam out to the edge where the reef wall was deep, & Brett free dove to the bottom & caught a glimpse of a few blacktip sharks.

There is something magical about life underwater, everything seemingly in its perfect place in the underwater world.  It’s quiet, gleaming with so many different shapes and colors of fish as though we were swimming in an underwater orchestra.

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Cultural Experience

In 2017, our visit to a local village got canceled due to rough waters, so we finally had the opportunity three years later. The resort coordinated the time & day and brought our group to a village nearby where we were welcomed with open arms and brought in the meeting hall for the kava ceremony.

Most resorts offer village tours, and we recommend adding this to your list of things to do in Fiji to experience the other side of life outside the comfort of your resort stay.  It’s life-changing and will stay in your hearts forever.

There is no better way to experience and learn about local culture.  We walked around the village with 2 elders, who shared with us the history, daily life & closeness of their town. Life revolves around family & every family contributes to the success of the village.

Travel with Purpose

how you can help

Fiji schools have limited access to supplies, so on this trip, we brought an assortment of school supplies that we donated during our village tour. It’s not required, but this is one way you can help if you’re planning a visit to a village/school during your time in Fiji.

We visited a school of about 25 children, ages five and younger, and what a precious moment! Their unforgettable smiles and adorable laughter welcomed us with such cute voices as they sang us songs in 3 different languages. They’re so sweet, and oh, how they loved being in front of the camera. It’s so heartwarming to see how such a simple way of life produced so much pure happiness and love.

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Have you ever been to Fiji?  We would love to know how your experience was if you’ve been! If you haven’t, we hope our experience inspired you to take a trip to this beautiful place one day.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comment box below. We’re open to new ideas and suggestions.

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