Every day is a new opportunity to change your life


Every day is a new opportunity to change your life

Hi & Welcome! We are Brett and LJ!

Three years ago, our daughters would soon be graduating, and we decided to turn the page towards a new chapter in our lives when that time came.  Fast forward, putting things on hold no longer makes sense to us.  They have since graduated, and we now have this time to rediscover all the things we had set aside while raising our kids.  We always had a dream to create something that was “ours” — something we can look back on and be proud of for taking the first steps.

We decided to create Love to Latitude; a travel brand that represents what we love in life and bringing those passions with us on our travels!  We’re a laid back part-time travel couple taking a chance on life and putting our dreams into action a day at a time as we work towards leaving the 9-5 lifestyle.  It’s going to take hard work and determination! As some of you can probably relate, starting something new goes through its course of “trial and error,” but we gladly accept the challenges ahead to improve, learn, and grow while doing what we love.

As you follow along,  we hope to inspire you – the world- as we share our stories, lessons, and travel experiences.

We have one life – a life to live, enjoy & explore.

Brett Dupont

Hi, I’m Brett! A simple, laid-back guy that loves adventure.  I grew up in sunny Florida and surfed my first wave at the age of 6 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.  The rest is history as that moment became an epitaph for my life.  I have always chased life goals with a sort of relentless passion, knowing I would always reach the finish line as long as I kept putting one foot in front of the other.

I have lived in three different states within the U.S.: Florida, Alaska, and Oregon.  I currently reside in Oregon and love every moment of its beauty.  I work in Alaska and have a unique work schedule that allows us to travel and start transitioning full-time as Love to Latitude.  I work in Alaska for three weeks and then come home for three weeks of vacation.  I am truly blessed to have the lifestyle that I have.

I consider myself a blessed man as I have an amazing and beautiful wife that supports my wild ideas, unorthodox thinking, & ridiculous humor, two beautiful daughters who are every father’s dream, and an unshakable Faith.  If you truly work hard & believe in your drive, anything is possible and achievable.

So far, my favorite place that I have traveled to is Fiji!  My dream home would be on a private island with great surf & clear blue water.  Sunny all day and a little rain in the evening with a few close friends and family to share a bit of paradise with!

I’m the eyes, vision, and creative storyteller behind Love to Latitude.

Follow Brett on Instagram: @j.brettd

Love "LJ" DuPont

Hi, I’m LJ!  A small-town gal born and raised on Kodiak Island, Alaska, aka “Emerald Isle,” where I lived for 30 years. I’m a step-mom to two beautiful grown daughters and wife to my free-spirited, funny, and compassionate husband of 10 years ( together 13+ years).

I love living a low-key and simple lifestyle in Oregon and enjoying its beauty that reminds me of home: Alaska.

Due to my husband’s work schedule, we are home together for three weeks, and apart for three, and this has been our life for the last 13 plus years. We’ve learned to accept, embrace, adapt. Bright side: We have three weeks of free time to do what we want, & we love to travel when we can! 

Not having family here, I soak in any time spent with them during our visits. I love meeting new people, staying active, & traveling to new places, & so far, I’ve been to 15 states, nine countries, three continents, and counting. 

I love my husband’s driven personality as it inspires me to do more, and I appreciate that he encourages me to do what makes me happy. (What a blessed gal I am, right?!)

I’m the voice, architect, and social media manager behind Love to Latitude.

Follow LJ on Instagram: @ljaydeeh

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