Family Gratitude Through Tough Times

Not long after arriving home from the South Pacific in March 2020, the unexpected pandemic affected the world’s daily routines – impacting so many lives! September is here; everyday life is no longer the same! What good has come out of this for you?

Many of us have said (myself included), “I don’t have time to do this or to do that,” well, wherever each of us was in our lives when we had to shelter-in-place, collectively, we all slowed down! TIme is all we had, so now what?


After 15 years of being apart half the time, we finally got to spend time together for longer than five weeks! We had three incredible months, so every moment was precious. Why we are apart half the time, Brett answers in our video.

Speaking of which, he put together videos specially made for our two daughters and me, and I want to share them with you along with a short excerpt from each of them.

“If I had to put into words my gratitude toward my wife, I think it’s best described like this. I used to dream of this life full of travel and adventure, this perfectly unattainable dream. Little did I know the moment we met, this perfect unattainable life, was you. It’s like you always say, we don’t just get to grow old together, we get to grow up together, and that’s the real adventure. Thank you for taking the courage to live this life, to create our story, and the willingness to share it.”

Daddy’s little girls

No matter how old they get, they will always be daddy’s little girls.


This next video belongs to our oldest daughter, Alexis.

Love from Dad: “As a father, there’s just not enough words to express how grateful and appreciative I am of having a daughter like you. You have grown up so much. You showed a lot of courage, and when you have problems and issues in life, you don’t run from them. You take them head-on, and I cannot be more proud of you.”

“Back in January, I had the opportunity to walk you down the aisle, and I could not have been more proud. Alexis, you once asked me what my greatest fear of being a father is. It took me some time to truthfully answer your question with honesty. Not because I didn’t have any, but because I didn’t quite understand my greatest fear. There were many along this journey as your father. In the end, it isn’t your first night out, who was your first boyfriend going to be, or even the first time you left our home to find your own path in life. A father’s real feat is that his first daughter, the one that taught him the true meaning of sacrifice, will long longer be needed as your guide, your protector. The day I gave you away, you taught me one last lesson.”


Dad And Lex Scaled
Dad And Paige Scaled

This last video belongs to our youngest daughter, Paige.

Love from Dad: “There are more moments in life that change who we are, and the best we can do is ensure these moments change us for the better. No moment changed me more than the day you were born. I didn’t know it at the time, but the moment you came into this world, I became a better person. You’re an important part of this family that continues to inspire me to be at my best every day. It’s an absolute gift watching you grow into an amazing person.”

“I cherish our adventures as I get to watch you take on life. It’s your spirit, level-headedness, and your desire to be great that I admire as your father. But, if there is one piece of wisdom I can bestow upon you that last long after I am no longer here on this earth, it is this: There are moments in life that define or shape us. Recognize these moments, pause to reflect on them, keep the good but learn from the bad. Never give up on your dreams, Paige, and when you see a setting sun, just know that’s your dad letting you know he’s very proud of whom you’ve become.”


Tarifa Morocco Backdrop

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch these sentimental videos that our kids and I truly loved. We look forward to sharing more about our life and travel adventures on Youtube.

How did you use your time these last few months, and what good came out of it for you?  We’d love to know! Please share your comments below.

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We have certainly spent more time with family this year. Most of it was virtual or phone contact but still, I think we have all come closer together.

That’s great, Gillian! Isn’t it great to now have different options to contact family and friends? Such a wonderful feeling, and hope time with family continues =)

Such a sweet post! Our lives definitely slowed down a bit at the beginning of the pandemic when we couldn’t work and were home together. My husband and I actually had more time to share with our daughter which has been a blessing. Typically I’m with her all day long and my husband only gets to spend dinner with her and about an hour of playtime before bed. Since going back to work, we have both made it a point to spend more time with our daughter together as we did when our offices were closed and I can just tell how happy all of us are from making a small change.

Thank you for sharing, Rachel. This makes me truly happy knowing something precious came out of the few months being home together. =)

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