Cooking Class at Guidetti’s Kitchen

Do you and your partner love food or looking to cook at home more often, then why not skip the traditional dinner and a movie.  Make a date night out of a cooking class? We did!

We’ve never done a cooking class before, nor has it ever been on our list of things to do. One day, Brett saw a cooking workshop in town and asked if I’d be up to doing one.  I was definitely up for it since I’m a “pro” at simple meals and could use a lesson in “fancy” cooking anyway.  But most importantly, it was another new experience we’d do together!

Having moved from a small town in Alaska where there are few restaurant options, we’ve been enjoying all the food choices here in Oregon.  While we both love a good meal out, we thought it would be fun to change it up a bit, putting our skills ( or lack thereof) to the test!

Private workshop with MJ

We noticed a new kitchen studio that we kept passing daily on our way to the gym.  Brett finally stopped in & chatted with MJ, owner of  Guidetti’s Kitchen to inquire about classes, how it all worked, and if she offered a private couple’s class. Upon meeting MJ, we were excited to spend some time learning new cooking skills. She was warm and welcoming, & we could tell she had a passion for food and teaching others.  She was genuinely interested in our desire to learn while having fun, so Brett went ahead & reserved a spot for a private pasta workshop and dinner.

When we arrived, you can instantly see that MJ put in a great deal of passion and work, creating a business where folks would feel right at home! The layout was spacious with two large stainless steel prep tables, separate cooking stations, and decor that brought the whole place together. We sat for a few minutes talking with MJ getting to know her & the places she traveled to and learned from, and then it was time to get cooking!

Couple with cooking class instructor

On the menu: Chicken Fettuccine with Red Sauce

We had never made this dish let alone noodles from scratch, so it was nice that MJ did it along with us & walked us through every step at each station. First up was prepping the pasta dough, letting it rest, and then making the noodles without a machine. Cutting it up wasn’t as hard as I thought, nor did it take long. It was a bit too messy for me (probably why we don’t do much with flour at home!) Haha!

Noodles from scratch   Prepping the pasta dough

Next up was prepping the chicken. I was most looking forward to this step because I needed other ideas of seasonings than just salt and pepper. We piled on a whole lot of goodness – cilantro, garlic, fresh feta – before rolling up our chicken, searing it, and then putting it in the oven.

Rolled up chicken     .cilantro, garlic, feta

Then finally, we made a pasta sauce that was not only easy to make but so full of flavor.  The aroma quickly filled the room, and at this point, we were ready to plate our meal and eat!Pasta sauce from scratch

time to eat

Cooking time was about 60-90 minutes, and every station went smoothly. After we plated our food, we sat down and finally got to taste what we made! It was so flavorful & tasty; it made us feel like the most excellent cooks! 😉

We really enjoyed our first cooking class with MJ and making our first “fancy” meal together. It was fun, and it got us out of the “norm” to connect and work together – prepare, cook, and enjoy a meal.

Have you ever taken a cooking class with your partner? We’d love to know how your experience went!?

Couple holding finished meals from scratch


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