Thor’s Well & Spouting Horn

Oregon Coast

Oregon is such a beautiful state with endless adventures! Having lived here since 2012, we have yet to explore much of Oregon, but here are two of our favorite places along the Oregon Coast: Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn. A location that attracts people from all over the world.

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Thor’s Well

If this is your first time visiting and not sure where to park and watch the sunset, we recommend Cook’s Chasm turnout that overlooks Thor’s Well.

You can walk down a paved trail to the rocky coastline to see it up close, or you can keep a safe distance and admire the beauty from afar.

The best time to arrive is an hour before high tide when the well is empty. As the high-tide starts to reach its peak, you will see one of the Pacific Ocean’s most fantastic shows!

These breathtaking views will make every moment spent exploring along Highway 101 worth your time!

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Spouting Horn

Another main attraction at Cape Perpetua is Spouting Horn, so be sure to check out the tide pools before watching the water spray from the Spouting Horn.

Catching the Setting Sun

Nothing represents the Pacific Northwest like sunsets along  Cape Perpetua’s Scenic Area, and wherever you stop along the coast, it will not disappoint.  For a full view of Thor’s Well and Spouting Horn, Cook’s Chasm turn out is our go-to spot.

If you haven’t already, add a road trip along Oregon’s Coastal Highway to your bucketlist & experience Oregon’s stunning beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and endless adventures!

Oregon Coast Sunsets
Our favorite spot along the Oregon Coast for Sunsets like this.
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Oh I so enjoy these views of places I can never go thank you for this great Video and for all the work you do for us thank you love you both

Aunt Jackie

Aunt Jackie is an absolute honor to have you as part of our community. We hope that as we travel and take you along with us we are able to show just how beautiful the world really is! We love you!

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